Saya juga seperti anda mengalami masalah kegemukan, dan sentiasa berusaha untuk kurus..bertahun2 saya cuba kurangkan berat badan, tapi tak berjaya. impian saya untuk kurus telah menjadi kenyataan bila terjumpa "Diet Atkins". cubaan pertama saya selama
Seminggu turun 5 kg
menguatkan lagi semangat saya untuk teruskan diet ini. 2 bulan pertama saya berjaya membuang 22kg, & lagi 8kg utk 2 bulan berikutnya.hasilnya 30kg selama 4 bulan.

Saya kongsi caranya disini -- Diet Atkins -- ,& buktinya --Sebelum & Selepas-- oleh kerana saya tidak berkesempatan untuk menjawab soalan,
saya telah menubuhkan -- Kelab Diet Atkins (KDA) Malaysia-- untuk kita semua berkongsi ilmu disana, anda boleh request sebagai ahli. Segalanya percuma.

Rabu, 22 Januari 2014

Maintain berat...

• Lifetime Maintenance provides you with a way of eating that allows you to stay slim for 
the rest of your life. 
• To maintain your goal weight you must know your metabolic needs. 
• Don't stray more than 5 pounds from your goal weight. 
• Don't be afraid to return to Induction, or OWL, for a few days if you need to restart your 
fat-burning engine. 

Soalan selalu ditanya...

Some Questions to Ask

Before you decide anything, let's review your results to date, and I don't mean just how many 
pounds you have lost. Ask yourself these questions: 
1. Is my appetite under control? 
2. Am I experiencing food cravings? 
3. Am I constipated?
4. Do I have leg cramps?
5. Have I noticed a difference in my measurements as well as in my weight? 
6. Am I enjoying the food I'm eating?
7. Am I sleeping better? Do I have fewer aches and pains? Is my energy level during the 
day more stable than before? Am I able to concentrate better?

1. Hunger
Let's consider your answer to the first question. If you were hungry, you weren't
following my counsel to eat as much as you needed to feel satisfied. Remember: If you 
have a tendency to become hungry between meals, pop a few olives, an ounce of cheese, 
a scoop of tuna salad, a slice of pot roast or a convenient controlled carbohydrate bar or 

2. Cravings
If cravings continue, are you eating adequately and not skipping meals? Is there a hidden 
source of sugar in something you are eating? If none of the above applies, and you are 
just looking for a taste of something, consider a substitute product such as a controlled 
carb bar or something made with controlled carb bake mix. 

3. Constipation
A certain amount of constipation is common during the first week, but it can be resolved 
quickly and easily. As you progress to later phases where you increase your carb 
consumption and thus your fiber intake, constipation should not be a problem. 
Meanwhile, follow the instructions in the previous chapter (See "Rules of Induction," 
#12). If the problem isn't solved, you may try a tablespoon of wheat bran sprinkled on 
your salad or other vegetables. If you are sensitive to grain products, add ground flaxseed 
to a shake or psyllium husks to a glass of water instead. (None of these fibers contain the 
kind of carbohydrates that impact on your blood-sugar levels.) Most important: Be 
absolutely sure to consume a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. 

4. Leg Cramps
If you have leg cramps, it probably means you are losing too many electrolytes, which 
are full of minerals. Starting any weight loss program has a diuretic effect, which is one
of the reasons it is so important to stay hydrated. Supplement with potassium, magnesium
and calcium in addition to your multivitamin, and the cramps should disappear. 

5. Measurements
I hope you've followed my suggestion to measure your chest, waist, hips, upper arms and 
thighs with a tape measure. The loss of inches is an indication of real success and 
sometimes occurs when weight loss is only marginal. Also, your weight can fluctuate 
from day to day, even from hour to hour, depending upon fluid balance, hormonal cycles, 
and the effects of medications, to name a few things. And exercise, if you go at it 
vigorously-and I hope you are following my advice to get moving-can cause some weight 
gain because it increases muscle mass, and muscle is denser than the fat it displaces. This 
is a good thing. 
Even if these various factors cause you to lose pounds more slowly than you want, 
your tape measure will reveal that you are slimming down all over. Your loss of inches is 
of fundamental importance, for it represents real fat loss-the emptying of your fat cells. 
And I never underestimate the psychological importance of knowing one has made
progress. But as with the scale, do not become obsessed with the tape measure either. 
You'll know the inches are disappearing because of the way your clothes fit. Pick an 
outfit that you can barely get into because it is so tight, then try it on every week and see 
if it doesn't start to feel more comfortable. 

6. Food Preferences
Fortunately, most people enjoy protein food. If you are a strict vegetarian, you really can't 
do the Induction phase. (The three later phases could be managed but the food selections
on a regimen that restricts carbohydrate and simultaneously excludes animal foods are 
limited.) In general, I've found that a person who will not eat any animal foods will not 
do Atkins permanently. They find it too boring. But if you are willing to eat fish and 
chicken, plus eggs and cheese, you can certainly do Atkins without eating red meat. 
The rest of you can enjoy a delicious and satisfying way of eating. That is not to say 
that many people don't miss pasta and bread, as well as fruit and juice, the first two 
weeks. Soon enough in the later phases you will be able to add back fruit and even
special controlled carb baked goods. 
So why are people willing to do without foods that used to be so important to them to
continue on Atkins? Simply this: The upside is so much larger than the downside. Weight 
loss, of course, but feeling physically better and in control of your eating are also 
paramount issues. I challenge you to tell me honestly that you do not feel better now than 
you did two weeks ago. And this is just the beginning. 

7. Feeling Good
Now I want you to retake the test on pages 150-151 that you originally took in Chapter 
10. If you have experienced improvements in some of these areas, this exercise will help 
motivate you to continue to do Atkins. 
If you've been overweight for a long time, you will almost certainly have suffered 
some of the symptoms in this test. No doubt you thought them a normal part of aging. 
Isn't it wonderful to see that you can make them go away simply by changing the way 
 you eat?
Doing Atkins, you'll find that you're cleaning out a lot of metabolic garbage from your 
life, in addition to excess pounds and junk food. Many of my patients have discovered 
that instead of a weight loss program, this is for them a rejuvenation program. Now take 
the test, and see if I'm right!

Tips 6 atkins

• Limit sweeteners to three packets a day. 
• If you use lipolysis testing strips to measure ketone output, be sure to do so at the same
hour each day. 
• When looking at food labels, be aware that "low fat" generally means "high carb." 
• If you start Induction before or during a menstrual period, it may take longer for weight 
loss to register. 
• Try not to weigh yourself every day, and, if possible, aim for just once a week. 
• Don't make the common mistake of eating less fat to get into ketosis; the opposite is 
actually true. 

Isnin, 20 Januari 2014



1 keping tauhu - 2.16g
1 keping tofu goreng - 1.36g
1 tofu lembut - 1.5g
Susu skim - 11.4g
Susu rendah lemak skim - 11.9g
susu cair - 25.3g
susu pekat - 166g
santan kelapa (1 tin) - 6.3g
1 sudu kecil gula - 4.2g
1 sudu besar gula - 12.6g
1 sudu kecil gula perang - 4.48g
Sugar powder (1 sachet kecil) - 2.49g
Pemanis tiruan (1 sachet)
- Equal 0.89g
- splenda 0.9g
- Saccharin 0.89g
- Fructose sweetener 3.0g
sos tiram 1 sudu besar - 1.97g
sos cili 1 sudu besar - 5g
sos tomato 1/2 cawan - 8g
sos pizza 1/2 cawan - 8g
kicap soya biasa 1 sudu besar - 1.4g
SAYUR & BUAH rendah carbs
salad iceberg / coral 1 cawan - 0.2g
alfalfa / taugeh 1 cawan - 0.4g Aiysha_2013

timun batang 1/2 cawan - 1g
1 batang seleri - 0.8g
cendawan 1/2 cawan - 2.4g
brokoli 1/2 cawan - 1g
bunga kobis 1/2 cawan - 2g
kobis 1/2 cawan - 2g
bayam 1/2 cawan - 0.4g
tomato 1 biji saiz sederhana - 5g
honeydew 1/2 cawan - 7.3g
tembikai 1/2 cawan - 5.5g
strawberry 1/2 cawan - 5.2g
pic - 5g
oren - 5g
betik 1/2 cawan - 6.5g
peanuts 10 biji - 2.75g
peanuts 1/4 cawan - 5.89g
almond 1/4 cawan - 6g
cashew nut 1/4 cawan - 9g
walnut 1/4 cawan - 4g
Pistachio 1/4 cawan - 8.2g
Mix nut 1/4 cawan - 7.66g
Cheddar cheese 1 keping - 0.36g
mozarella - 0.62g
parmesan - 0.91g


Daging lembu - 0g
Daging ayam / ayam belanda - 0g
Daging kambing - 0g
Daging arnab - 0g
Sebarang jenis ikan - 0g
Sebarang kari (semua jenis daging) tanpa kuah satu hidangan :

TELUR (1 biji gred A+ @ 2 biji gred C)
Omelet (telur dadar) kosong 1 biji gred A+ - 0.45g
Omelet atau scrambled(telur hancur) dgn keju ceddar - 2.23g
Omelet @ scrambled dengan sayuran - 2.38g
Omelet @ scrambled dengan sosej - 2.4g
Omelet @ scrambled dengan ayam / daging / udang - 1.11g
Omelet dengan ayam / daging / udang dan sedikit cheese - 1.98g
Omelet @ scrambled dengan cili, keju, tomato dan kacang peas -
Omelet @ scrambled dengan cendawan - 2.05g
Udang biasa seekor saiz xl- 0.1g
Lobster 1 ekor- 1.5g
Ketam 1 cawan - 0g
Sotong biasa 1 ekor - 1.65g
Tiram 1/2 cawan - 8.9g

BY Aishah Hussin 


Betulkah berat badan naik semasa haid atau mitos semata? Memang ini perkara yang benar dan berlaku untuk kebanyakan wanita. Apa penyebabnya berat badan boleh meningkat?

Takungan air (water retention)
Kebiasaannya berat bertambah di sebabkan takungan air dalam badan ataupun edema. Jangan risau, ianya normal di sebabkan perubahan hormon yang terjadi semasa haid. Wanita menyimpan lebihan air di bahagian tertentu seperti di lengan dan perut.

Kembung perut (bloating)
Pengumpulan gas di dalam usus adalah penyebab kembung perut semasa haid. Ianya di sebabkan perubahan dalam badan dan di sebabkan tidak aktif sebelum dan semasa haid. Ia juga boleh terjadi akibat sembelit yang kebiasaannya terjadi semasa kitaran haid.

Nafsu makan
Ini selalunya terjadi kepada wanita yang mengalami PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Keinginan untuk makan akan meningkat dan mungkin akan melebihi jumlah kalori yang diperlukan dalam badan terutamanya apabila mengalami pendarahan yang banyak.

Kekurangan gula dalam darah
Tahap Magnesium berkurang ketika haid dan ini menyebabkan penghasilan insulin menjadi rendah. Wanita semasa haid lebih mudah mengalami kekurangan gula dalam darah. Jadi, badan secara automatik akan mewujudkan nafsu makan yang tinggi untuk mengembalikan tahap gula dalam darah yang normal.

Cara untuk mengelakkan daripada berlaku?
  • Kurangkan pengambilan sodium. Ia akan mengurangkan takungan air dalam badan.
  • Bersenam untuk menjadikan diri lebih cergas dan mengelakkan berat badan bertambah.
  • Tingkatkan penambilan serat (fiber) yang bantu mengawal nafsu makan dan kurangkan masalah gemuk air.
  • Makan makanan yang berkhasiat dalam jumlah kalori yang di perlukan sahaja.
  • Elakkan makan makanan yang berkalori tinggi seperti coklat dan pizza.
  • Kenalilah diri sendiri kerana sudah pasti, setiap wanita akan melalui kitar haid yang unik.


Rojak buah  (250g)– carb 51g
Buah citrus (120g)- carb 11.61g
Kacang botol (200g)- carb 76g
Kcang soya (170g) –carb 17g
Almond mentah (1 cup,50g) – carb 10.6g
Red chili pepper (1/4 cup,50g)- carb 3.7g
Prune (1bj,8.4g)- carb 5.4g
Lemon (1bj,50g)- carb 12g
Limau nipis (1bj) – carb 7g
Kismis (40g)-carb 26g
Black current –1/4cup,50g),carb 7g
Red current(1/2,100g)- carb 9.7g
Blueberry (1cup)- carb 21g
Rasberry (10bj) – carb 2.3g
Kedondong (1bj)- carb 22g
Gajus (1/4cup,50g)- carb 11.2g
Buah pala(1sudu)- carb 3.5g
Ciku (1bj)- carb 34g
Honeydew(1/2cup)-kalori 36.5,carb 9.2g
Strawbery (8bj)-carb 11g
Langsat (10bj)-carb 7g
Dragon fruit(1bj)-carb 9g
Buah delima (1bj) –carb 26.44g
Tembikai (1cup)-carb 11g
Nangka (1cup)-carb 39g
Blackbery (1cup) -carb 13.8g
Nenas (1bj) -carb 60g
Tomato (1bj) -carb 5g
Betik (1bj) -carb 37.3g
Jambu(1bj) -carb 10.7g
Belimbing (1bj) -carb 10g
Grape (30bj) -carb 27g
Longan (20bj) -carb 15.8g
Durian (1pc)- carb 13g
Rambutan(1bj) -carb 1.9g
Laici (8bj) -carb 16.53g
Manggis (1bj) -carb 15.6g
Mangga (1bj) -carb 28.1g
Kurma (4bj) -carb 31g
Oren (1bj) -carb 11.54g
Kiwi(1bj) -carb 12g
Plum (1bj) -carb 7.5g
Aprikot (1bj) -carb 3.98g
Ceri(1bj) -carb 0.7g
Pear(1bj) -carb 25g
Peach(1bj) -carb 16.22g
Pisang(1bj )-carb 30g
Sukun (1cup) -carb 59.7g
Apple (1bj) -carb 34g
Avocado(1bj) -carb 3g



Vegetable carb...

below is the list of carb content per 100g (3.6oz) of each vegetable. It is sorted from lowest to highest.
Alfalfa sprouts, raw 0.4
Watercress, raw 0.4
Cabbage spring, boiled 0.6
Bamboo shoots, canned 0.7
Celery, raw 0.9
Chicory, raw 1
Lettuce leaf, butterhead, raw 1.2
Broccoli, green, boiled 1.3
Broccoli, purple, boiled 1.3
Cabbage Chinese, raw 1.4
Curly Kale, raw 1.4
Cucumber, unpeeled, raw 1.5
Marrow, boiled 1.6
Spinach, raw 1.6
Lettuce, cos, romaine, raw 1.7
Broccoli, green, raw 1.8
Courgette (Zucchini), raw 1.8
Fennel, raw 1.8
Zucchini (Courgette), raw 1.8
Zucchini (Courgette), raw 1.8
Lettuce, Iceberg, raw 1.9
Radish, red, raw 2
Aubergine (eggplant), raw 2.2
Eggplant (aubergine), raw 2.2
Pumpkin, raw 2.2
Cauliflower, boiled 2.3
Celeriac, raw 2.3
Broccoli, purple, raw 2.6
Capsicum Pepper, green, raw 2.6
Corn, baby sweetcorn, boiled 2.7
Endive (Escarole) 2.8
Leeks, raw 2.9
Asparagus, canned, drained 3
Okra, raw 3
Tomatoes, canned, & liquid 3
Tomatoes cherry, raw 3
Tomatoes, ordinary, raw 3
Brussels Sprouts, boiled 3.1
Mushrooms, common, raw 3.4
Cabbage red, raw 3.7
Cabbage Savoy, raw 3.9
Asparagus, boiled 4
Beansprouts mung, raw 4
Beetroot, raw 4.6
Carrots, old, boiled 4.9
Cabbage, white, raw 5
Beetroot, pickled, drained 5.6
Carrots, young, raw 6
Capsicum Pepper, red, raw 6.4
Water chestnuts, canned 7
Squash, butternut, baked 7.4
Onions, raw 7.9
Peas, frozen, raw 9.3
Beetroot, boiled 9.5
Artichoke Jerusalem, boiled 10.6
Peas, fresh, raw 11.3
Corn-on-cob, boiled, plain 11.6
Parsnip, raw 12.5
Garlic, fresh, raw 16
Corn kernels, raw 100g 17
Potatoes, old, raw 17
Potatoes, new, boiled 18
Squash spaghetti, baked 18
Corn kernels, canned 27
Sweet potato, baked 28

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1 03/02/2013 Melawati run 10k 8.37km 0:49:00
2 17/02/2013 Cap ayam relay 3km DONE
3 03/03/2013 Brook half marathon 21km 2:40:00
4 31/03/2013  MAKNA Founders 2013 12km 1:27:00
5 14/04/2013  KL 10K ROAD RACE 2013 10km DONE
6 19/05/2013 KL Towerthon Sunrise Challenge 2013 Tangga 0:31:11
7 12/05/2013 Deuter Trail Fun Run 2013 7km 0:52:00
8 09/06/2013 MIZUNO WAVE RUN 2013 16km 1:40:00
9 23/06/2013 Perodua Race For A Cause 2013 15km 1:36:00
10 14/07/2013 Pacemaker Trail run  3km DONE
11 31/08/2013 kpac Trail RUN 3km X 5 3km DONE
12 22/09/2013 Reebook challenge 18.95km 2:06:00
13 05/10/2013 Kfc walk -DONE- 5km DONE
14 13/10/2013 BHP Orange run 11km 0:53:00
15 19/10/2013 Bsn night marathon 21km 1:55:00
16 21/10/2013 Adidas king of the road 16.8km 1:45:00
17 27/11/2013 Putrajaya malakoff 3km explore race  3km no 3
18 03/11/2013 2XU MENS COMPETITIVE ROADSHOW 15km 1:25:00
19 10/11/2013 SALOMON X-TRAIL RUN 2013 10km DONE
20 17/11/2013 Penang Bridge International Marathon 42km 5:14:00
21 23/11/2013 Larian gegar UM 10km 0:53:00
22 01/12/2013 Tm Malaysia  15km 1:19:00
23 15/12/2013 Mizuno Pacesetters Relay 4x3.8km 3.8km 0:15:00
24 20/12/2013 Cyberjaya Resolution Run 2013 10km DONE


THE BURDEN RUN 2014 10km
MELAWATI 10K 2014  10km
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014 42KM
BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 42KM
Standard Chartered KL Marathon 42km
Deuter Trail Fun Run 2013  
Reebook challenge  
 MAKNA Founders 2013  


Jumaat, 3 Januari 2014

For Sport performance.

For Sport performance.


 is vital for optimal sports performance. This is true both before and after training or a sports event. Your goal is to replace both the sugar and salts you lose during that event, as well as the water you perspire. Water does not contain these elements so try a recovery hydration drink.

Always eat breakfast

For sports performance breakfast is a vital meal: it will help to fuel your body for the day as well as improve recovery from evening training sessions. Try adding a source of protein such as scrambled egg to help improve muscle recovery. 

Take on Omega 3

Omega 3 is a great supplement for improving your health and wellbeing but also helps to reduce joint soreness which could manifest from intense and prolonged training sessions.


You recover and grow in your sleep, so ensure you get at least 6 hours of good uninterrupted sleep every night to prevent overtraining and muscle soreness. 

Salah satu cara utk burn fat

First look at what and when you are eating!
You must be eating regularly and consistently to help control blood sugar levels, keep hunger under control and to drive your metabolism forward. Eating 6 small meals a day will help this process, and enhance your bodies fat burning.

Eat protein with every meal
Protein is an essential nutrient if you want to burn fat: it helps speed up your metabolism and reduce hunger. Good sources of protein include chicken, lean beef, turkey, tuna (and other fish), as well as eggs and protein supplements.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake
Refined and processed carbohydrates are either stored or burnt, for the majority of us this will unfortunately most likely be the former. Therefore to prevent additional fat gain, and taking on unnecessary calories, try and reduce your daily carbohydrate intake.

Keep eating fat
Dietary fat is very important for healthy body functioning and hormone production. Furthermore it helps to keep us full and reduce hunger. Good sources of fat include avocado, eggs, flax seeds, oily fish and olive oil.

Create a caloric deficiency
Aim for a small deficit in your daily caloric intake to ensure fat loss. As mentioned above though ensure you are eating plenty of protein to drive your metabolism and eat frequently throughout the day to prevent hunger pangs.

Stay hydrated(minum air pastikan cukup)
It is impossible to lose fat if you are dehydrated, in fact your metabolism can slow by up to 10 percent! Therefore, ensure that throughout the day you stay hydrated, especially during and after your workouts.

Keep eating!
It sounds paradoxical but you must continue to eat and never leave more than 3-4 hours in between each meal otherwise your metabolic rate will drop, along with your blood sugar levels leading to sugar cravings and halted fat burning! If you are on the go and unable to eat a meal try a high protein bar.

Exercise at high intensities
The best fat burning exercises are those which are performed at high intensities. Ditch the cross trainer for 45 minutes and work on high intensity circuits such as the circuits in this app.
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