Saya juga seperti anda mengalami masalah kegemukan, dan sentiasa berusaha untuk kurus..bertahun2 saya cuba kurangkan berat badan, tapi tak berjaya. impian saya untuk kurus telah menjadi kenyataan bila terjumpa "Diet Atkins". cubaan pertama saya selama
Seminggu turun 5 kg
menguatkan lagi semangat saya untuk teruskan diet ini. 2 bulan pertama saya berjaya membuang 22kg, & lagi 8kg utk 2 bulan berikutnya.hasilnya 30kg selama 4 bulan.

Saya kongsi caranya disini -- Diet Atkins -- ,& buktinya --Sebelum & Selepas-- oleh kerana saya tidak berkesempatan untuk menjawab soalan,
saya telah menubuhkan -- Kelab Diet Atkins (KDA) Malaysia-- untuk kita semua berkongsi ilmu disana, anda boleh request sebagai ahli. Segalanya percuma.

Jumaat, 3 Januari 2014

Salah satu cara utk burn fat

First look at what and when you are eating!
You must be eating regularly and consistently to help control blood sugar levels, keep hunger under control and to drive your metabolism forward. Eating 6 small meals a day will help this process, and enhance your bodies fat burning.

Eat protein with every meal
Protein is an essential nutrient if you want to burn fat: it helps speed up your metabolism and reduce hunger. Good sources of protein include chicken, lean beef, turkey, tuna (and other fish), as well as eggs and protein supplements.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake
Refined and processed carbohydrates are either stored or burnt, for the majority of us this will unfortunately most likely be the former. Therefore to prevent additional fat gain, and taking on unnecessary calories, try and reduce your daily carbohydrate intake.

Keep eating fat
Dietary fat is very important for healthy body functioning and hormone production. Furthermore it helps to keep us full and reduce hunger. Good sources of fat include avocado, eggs, flax seeds, oily fish and olive oil.

Create a caloric deficiency
Aim for a small deficit in your daily caloric intake to ensure fat loss. As mentioned above though ensure you are eating plenty of protein to drive your metabolism and eat frequently throughout the day to prevent hunger pangs.

Stay hydrated(minum air pastikan cukup)
It is impossible to lose fat if you are dehydrated, in fact your metabolism can slow by up to 10 percent! Therefore, ensure that throughout the day you stay hydrated, especially during and after your workouts.

Keep eating!
It sounds paradoxical but you must continue to eat and never leave more than 3-4 hours in between each meal otherwise your metabolic rate will drop, along with your blood sugar levels leading to sugar cravings and halted fat burning! If you are on the go and unable to eat a meal try a high protein bar.

Exercise at high intensities
The best fat burning exercises are those which are performed at high intensities. Ditch the cross trainer for 45 minutes and work on high intensity circuits such as the circuits in this app.

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