Saya juga seperti anda mengalami masalah kegemukan, dan sentiasa berusaha untuk kurus..bertahun2 saya cuba kurangkan berat badan, tapi tak berjaya. impian saya untuk kurus telah menjadi kenyataan bila terjumpa "Diet Atkins". cubaan pertama saya selama
Seminggu turun 5 kg
menguatkan lagi semangat saya untuk teruskan diet ini. 2 bulan pertama saya berjaya membuang 22kg, & lagi 8kg utk 2 bulan berikutnya.hasilnya 30kg selama 4 bulan.

Saya kongsi caranya disini -- Diet Atkins -- ,& buktinya --Sebelum & Selepas-- oleh kerana saya tidak berkesempatan untuk menjawab soalan,
saya telah menubuhkan -- Kelab Diet Atkins (KDA) Malaysia-- untuk kita semua berkongsi ilmu disana, anda boleh request sebagai ahli. Segalanya percuma.

Khamis, 13 Mac 2014

Rules of Induction dari buku atkins

Rules of Induction 
 Another purpose of the Induction phase is to demonstrate to you that even you can lose weight
while eating luxuriously. But it must be followed precisely for success! If you do it at all 
incorrectly you may prevent weight loss and end up saying, "Here is another weight loss plan that didn't work." So I want you to memorize the following twelve rules as though your life 
depends upon it. It does. 
1. Eat either three regular-size meals a day or four or five smaller meals. Do not skip meals
or go more than six waking hours without eating. 
2. Eat liberally of combinations of fat and protein in the form of poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs 
and red meat, as well as of pure, natural fat in the form of butter, mayonnaise, olive oil, 
safflower, sunflower and other vegetable oils (preferably expeller-pressed or coldpressed). 
3. Eat no more than 20 grams a day of carbohydrate, most of which must come in the form
of salad greens and other vegetables. You can eat approximately three cups-loosely
packed-of salad, or two cups of salad plus one cup of other vegetables (see the list of 
acceptable vegetables on pages 125-126). 
4. Eat absolutely no fruit, bread, pasta, grains, starchy vegetables or dairy products other 
than cheese, cream or butter. Do not eat nuts or seeds in the first two weeks. Foods that 
combine protein and carbohydrates, such as chickpeas, kidney beans and other legumes, 
are not permitted at this time. 
5. Eat nothing that is not on the acceptable foods list. And that means absolutely nothing! 
Your "just this one taste won't hurt" rationalization is the kiss of failure during this phase 
of Atkins. 
6. Adjust the quantity you eat to suit your appetite, especially as it decreases. When hungry, 
eat the amount that makes you feel satisfied but not stuffed. When not hungry, eat a small 
controlled carbohydrate snack to accompany your nutritional supplements. 
7. Don't assume any food is low in carbohydrate-instead read labels! Check the carb count 
(it's on every package) or use the carbohydrate gram counter in this book. 
8. Eat out as often as you wish but be on guard for hidden carbs in gravies, sauces and 
dressings. Gravy is often made with flour or cornstarch, and sugar is sometimes an 
ingredient in salad dressing. 
9. Avoid foods or drinks sweetened with aspartame. Instead, use sucralose or saccharin. Be
sure to count each packet of any of these as 1 gram of carbs. 
10. Avoid coffee, tea and soft drinks that contain caffeine. Excessive caffeine has been 
shown to cause low blood sugar, which can make you crave sugar. 
11. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day to hydrate your body, avoid 
constipation and flush out the by-products of burning fat. 
12. If you are constipated, mix a tablespoon or more of psyllium husks in a cup or more of 
water and drink daily. Or mix ground flaxseed into a shake or sprinkle wheat bran on a 
salad or vegetables. 

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